Zu Tisch (Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi) – 4/5 Stars

When someone talks about a new joint so much, I just have to give it a shot! The foodie inside me keeps coaxing me to visit the outlet and enjoy the delicacies the place has to offer.


For me it was a special occasion, it was my friend’s birthday and because I am the biggest foodie of the group, everyone turns to me for ideas. I obvious said, “Let’s try Zu Tisch!”. Why? Well, three reasons, the place has a very intriguing name, I don’t visit GK enough and the menu looked really interesting on Zomato.

Out of everything I ate that day I simply loved the slow roasted lamb shank. It has been cooked perfectly and it was really moist and tender. The mashed potatoes were slightly lumpy but they went really well with the lamb. The braise cabbage added a slight crunch to the dish which i quite liked.

The grilled garlic prawns came with a fresh salsa which was really good. There were a lot of similar dips at the table but they all tasted really good so we did not mind them at all. Another delicious dish was the barbecue spare ribs, they were really melt in the mouth and the homemade barbecue sauce added a lot of juiciness to the already tender meat.

The restaurant looks really cool. It has alfresco seating which is really good for winter time in Delhi. Me and my friends held a glass of cocktail each and we went out to the balcony area. A nice breeze was blowing as we were sipping on our beers and drinks.

The desserts are from the famous Elma’s bakery so there’s no surprise there but the food I liked. I will go back for more.

Keep partying!
(Delhi Food Club)
Contact: ms.mayank@gmail.com


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