Restauant Review: Wasabi by Morimoto – The Taj Mansingh, New Delhi – 4.5/5 Stars

The food at Wasabi by Morimoto is incomparable. The Executive Sous Chef Nilesh is the one running the show with his team and he has done a pretty neat job to ensure everything is absolutely perfect. The food, the ambience and the service is impeccable.


This is the kind of restaurant I can score 5/5 and not give it a second thought. I had a sore throat so they gave me a nice punch with mace, peppercorns and cardamon to begin with. Then came some sake, which was served in a bamboo glass. There starters included the famous sushi from Wasabi including the crab and scallop sushi better known as zuwai kani shabu shabu and hotate. The rock shrimp tempura was unbelievable too. It was extremely crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.


Then came the sorbet, which was served in an extravagant presentation with liquid nitrogen. It taste was worth all the fuss. Everything looked magnificent and tasted beautiful. The main course was tenderloin and lamb hotpot. I wanted my beef to be medium rare and it was cooked to perfection. The meat was pink in the centre and was absolutely tender and juicy. It was really wonderfully cooked and the sauce went perfectly with the beef. The lamb hot pot was slightly less flavourful as compared to the beef but it was good too.


Our desserts were even more beautifully presented. The cinnamon caramel ice cream with candied nuts and bananas were a treat to the eyes and the taste buds. The light sprinkle of cinnamon on the ice cream was a complete treat.

This restaurant is a class apart and is an excellent experience. I recommend it to all food lovers and connoisseurs.



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