The Beer Cafe – BIGGIE (Connaught Place, New Delhi) – 3.5/5 Stars

Attended a lovely event at The Beer Café on 8th August, 2014. I love beer and The Beer Café provides a tranquil (during the day) and lively (at night) atmosphere for enjoying a pint. The place has been in business for two long years and has spread its wings all over the place. The Beer Café- BIGGIE is the flagship outlet which I visited recently. 


The new menu has been designed by Chef Saby who is known for his popular venture Fabrica. His aim is to get quality local ingredients and create simple recipes which are bound to be loved by all. Chef Saby is a genius when it comes to presentation. The eye pleasing presentations were not only good to look at they tasted wonderful too. 

If you are watching your weight, this place is probably not for you because what has been created here is an array of rich and delicious local and international recipes. This is comfort food at its best. 


What struck me most is that the dishes on the menu had been named after popular films (what a great idea!). I am a huge fan of mushrooms and there could be no better name for mushrooms than TirchiTopiwale. 

The Pizzas were baked really perfectly and the cheese was just right. The signature Tacos were good too. If you are anything like me, you will not miss the juicy burgers they have to offer. 


It is a ritual, even if I am full I can’t not end my meal without dessert. The Chef created a beautiful looking Tiramisu that looked really chic and tasted just as brilliant. I went for seconds. The event was a success and it was a lot of fun to eat freshly cooked and freshly prepared dishes.


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