Angrezee Dhaba Grill (South City 2, Gurgaon) – 3.5/5 Stars

Being a blogger has its perks. Every day I have a lot of options to pick from, I can dine anywhere I like and call it an occupational hazard and get away with stuffing myself with interesting cuisines. Indian and Italian food is my absolute favourite and when it comes to Indian nothing can beat good kebabs.



My very first time trying Angrezee Dhaba Grill and I was quite happy with the selection of kebabs sent over to my house. The vegetarian kebabs as well as the non-vegetarian ones were grilled well. The delivery time was slightly more than usual but it is absolutely understandable as our bloggers meet was quite far from the restaurant.



Paneer Tikka was the star vegetarian dish and was served in big chunks. Palak Makki Kebab did not amaze me because I am not a big fan of these vegetarian ingredients. Bharwa Tangri Kebab on the other hand had been cooked well and was more to my liking. Murg Malai Kebab was also good and something everyone at the table enjoyed.


I am a mutton fan, I love red meat so Railway Mutton Curry was was I was looking forward to. The curry and the way the mutton had been cooked was the highlight of the whole meal. Railway Mutton Curry is definitely Angrezee Dhaba Grill’s signature dish.


For vegetarians, Butter Paneer Masala was the only option we had and they seems to be happy with the paneer curry and rotis. The rotis and naan were packed well in foil but were not very soft, perhaps the Angrezee Dhaba Grill’s delivery team can think of other ways to keep their bread soft for home delivery customers.


A lightly sweetened Angrezi Dhaba Special Phirni was a decent end to our filling meal. At the end, I found a lot of bloggers raving about the Angrezee Dhaba’s special Railway Mutton Curry.


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