Spice It at ibis Gurugram offers a 24 hour multi cuisine casual dining . It is located at Gurugram’s premium address- The Golf Course Road . It has tried to expand its reach to non residents by curating an innovative yet ultra reasonable menu . The interiors of the place are simple yet colorful and jocund . Lights are big and round and wall decor is very chic . It has an elaborate a-la-carte menu along with breakfast , lunch and dinner buffets as well . I can advocate that their buffets are nothing like the regular buffets we find at other places . Hawker house counters present during the buffet are the major highlight showcasing their entirely new concept . The restaurant combines authentic delicacies of several cuisines with impeccability . Influence of Tibet , Burma and Kolkata can be seen in the dishes . I started with an orange slush with feta and aubergine salad while my friend ordered crispy corns and veg momos . On one hand , orange slush and crispy corns had very desi falvors while momos and the salad , on the other hand catered more to international palate . We also ordered the traditional Burmese khao suey and Lebanese falafel with pita . They were surely a flavor bomb . We had the Kolkata rool which had crispy fried potato fingers and papri chhat . They both sure can take you on a crazy culinary journey . We ended our meal with Parle-G cheese cake , mango mousse , and a choco cake . Parle -G cheese cake gets a special mention and is a must try . It has the perfect balance of crispness and smooth texture of cream cheese . I am sure one can never have a lot of it . The staff is very educated and knowledgeable about the dishes and treated us with immense warmth . A major thumbs up to the staff . Also the manager is very friendly and welcoming . All in all , ibis promises modernity , culinary finesse and an amazing dining experience at best price !!!

The Hidden Indian Culinary Gems!

A regular Sunday afternoon in this overbearing summer heat, and you get a chance to visit an absolutely one of its kind cooking studio in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. More so, when your appetite’s already calling out for the menu on offer & interestingly, the protagonist of the meal being ‘Indian Super Food’. This is about Tastesutra – A Cook – Bond – Eat concept that involves bonding of cooking delicious Indian Meals.

This event was a pop up in order to enjoy a meal and get closer to the phenomena, the culture, the unity, the religion & the expression called “India” through the best medium called ‘food’.


To begin with (and much required in this heat) we started off with Bael Sharbat with nolen gur & amaranth seeds to replenish ourselves and get set for the extravaganza to follow.


The appetisers had a few choices – Phaalsa Pakoras, Chicken Ghee Roast, Kathal Kabab & Ghugni but our personal favorite was these amazing pakoras made out of a soulful recipe of fried phaalsas in a batter. This didn’t even require a chatni to be eaten with.


Another interesting appetiser was this Kamal kakdi chaat- Crispy thin slices of lotus stem topped with yoghurt and assorted chutneys. It looked yum and the taste did more than justice to the appearance!

Coming onto the main course, we realised that the menu was curated to take you through the lost Indian food traditions, flavors and a soul satisfying meal. They had handpicked recipes which were taught by friends and family from various diversities.


The maincourse had a vareity of foods from states across India. There was dal dhokli (Gujarat), Papad ki Sabzi (Rajasthan), Baghara Baingan (Hyderabad), Achari Tinda (Banaras) and the like. Well, then came to the party this amazing feast of Jungli Maas – A delicacy of Mewati cuisine from Rajasthan, succulently slow-cooked mutton in a thin gravy made with only 5 ingredients.


Coming onto the dessert part, we had the amazing Beetroot Halwa & Badshahi falooda- famous dessert from the streets of Maharashtra.


Summing it up, this meal was just a way to get together and enjoy the simplicity as well as complexity of the authentic recipes & to relish the power & nutritious value of simple Indian Super Foods without any compromise on taste & flavor.


Yup! Happy Faces 🙂

Signing off
Until next time

Eat Healthy!

Rajdhani Thali @ Connaught Place

So this weekend we bumped into this amazing place called Rajdhani at Connaught Place to quench our authentic Indian food cravings. It’s old age ambiance and traditional tikka welcome gave the feeling of an Indian wedding household. The staff was very friendly and the service was quick. Within minutes, they will fill up your thali and it will look like this.


And id this wasn’t enough, they are in the midst of their Mango festival and have delicacies made out of this yummy fruit!


We were surprised at their creativity and skill that gave this one fruit so many different forms and tastes! Who knew Rajasthani culture was this diverse! So head out this season to have your share of this amazing ethnic festival, and tell us what you liked it there.

Hotel Review: JW Marriott Delhi Aerocity


JW Marriott Delhi Aerocity is one of the newest luxury hotels in India’s capital. Located in the Aerocity, which hosts many airport hotels, the hotel is just a quick ride away from both, the international and the domestic airport. The ultra-modern rooms and the facilities of the hotel including an outdoor pool and a very nice lounge make JW Marriott Delhi Aerocity one of the properties you should definitely consider for staying in Delhi!

Check out our rating of JW Marriott Delhi Aerocity!

When it comes to hotel reviews I really like to write about hotels I had a very good time staying at.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: February

JW Marriott Delhi Aerocity is one of those properties. After booking last minute and arriving two or three hours after midnight, the hotel was a true relief after a horrible day.

JW Marriott Delhi is just a…

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Hotel Review: JW Marriott Mussoorie


JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove is a luxury resort located in the Himalaya. The hotel is not really easy to get to as there is neither an airport nor a train station nearby. Nevertheless, the long ride is totally worth the effort as the property is absolutely stunning. What makes this resort that amazing can be read in our extensive hotel review.

I’ve previewed JW Marriott Mussoorie more than a year ago. After seeing the pictures and the secluded location I was immediately intrigued by the property and had to book a stay while visiting India.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Suite
  • Month of Stay: February

The property might either be reached by flying to Dehradun Airport or by taking the Dehradun Shatabdi from Delhi to the train station. If you are arriving at the airport, you need to take a taxi or…

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Appetizing Indian Cuisine at Spice Rack

Couple On Quest

On our recent visit to Bensalem, a small town near Philadelphia we came across Spice Rack after reading a lot of immensely positive reviews in Yelp. Located on Knights Road, this is a small restaurant with limited seating mainly dealing in take-out.

Let’s talk about “Food”

The menu is quite extensive so it took us a while to decide what to start with. This time we opted for only Vegetarian dishes and ordered Bhelpuri, Dahi Chaat and Papdi Chaat for appetizer.

After a bit long wait we got served with these delish snacks. From the first bite I got hooked on Bhelpuri, a tangy, garlicky and fully flavored one with authentic Indian spices. It was the most delicious chaat I ever had till now in USA.

IMG_9353 Bhel Puri

Dahi Chaat one of my all time favorites didn’t disappointed me as well. Crisp puri exotically garnished with sev and coriander were so…

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​Getafix Café, Greater Kailash part 1

Missfoodiefiesta - Food, Fashion and Travel

There are good cafés and then there are good cafés serving guilt free food. I am glad to find a balance between the two.

Introducing, healthy food at Getafix. Okay, let me tell you a thing or two about healthy, it’s not just salad, smoothies, it is beyomd what you can think off. When I highlight the word – ‘Healthly, you can also eat Pizza, Pasta, burger, potato wedges and even desserts without thinking about calories!

~Blueberry Banana Smoothie: A perfect meal post workout, I would say. With the goodness of blueberries, banana and yogurt comes with natural sweetener in form of honey.

~Pineapple Green apple juice: If you are looking for a tangy citrus punch, then this will be your perfect order. Must try!

~Cous Cous Salad: if it has to be healthy it has to start with Cous Cous salad for me. This salad…

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The People & Co., Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Missfoodiefiesta - Food, Fashion and Travel

If you are looking for a buzzing place in Cyber Hub then this place won’t disappoint at all.

🎉Canvas, CLC: A space for roaring performances like stand up comedy, musical concerts, fashion shows and open mics (don’t miss the open mic performance by my friend iamgauravprakash on Mondays, keep checking for his name).

🍴Plate: Cozy candle light dinner is sure not to be missed, here. Super delicious food and cocktails prepared with finesse.

Coming to the Dinner,

We started with Sangria and a glass Mocktail.

Chilly Chicken: Spicy Crispy chicken pieces tossed with chinese soy sauce and capsicum. Must Try!

Tangri Kebab: The best appetizer to begin with if you are fond of chicken. Succulent, juicy leg pieces well served with Green chutney and onions. Must Try!

Chicken Minced Dimsums: You can munch dimsums while enjoying the show or anytime in the…

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Birdie Num Num, Gurgaon

Missfoodiefiesta - Food, Fashion and Travel

Apart from the super cute name, Birdie Num Num serves coastal food and an amazing variety of cocktails.
The food is good and the cocktails are beyond amazing!

wp-image-1800909551jpg.jpgAmbience: The beach club vibe and turquoise blue all around with the huge bar at the center describes the ambience of Birdie Num Num.


~The Nest: Served in a birdie nest and the drink was served in a egg shell glass. Hay infused vodka with roasted barley syrup and lime. Must Try.

~Spilt Personality: Lycée drink with gondhoraj and sugar. It can be prepared as a mocktail or as a cocktail. We opted for a mocktail.


~Love Bird: Because it was season of love and they launched a feb menu for cocktails. Tequila with rose syrup, lime and cardamon.

~I feel good: Cranberry juice infused with popcorn with casis and lime…

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Pier 38, Dlf Cyber Hub

Delhi Delites

Pier 38 is another gem add on to cyber hub city. This is an amazing place to have Arabian-Persian-Lebanese cuisine !! The ambiance of this place was scintillating and spacious with dark lightening and huge bar, they also have outside seating arena. The decor of Pier 38 is mostly done in wooden work which can be seen in its wooden gate entrance, seating table chairs or its ceiling !!

Coming to the food, they have extensive menu with different varieties of cuisines, Lebanese, Arabian and lot more.

We ordered :-

> La Orange Cosmo – It’s a concoction of fresh oranges infused with vodka and cranberry juice. A variant of Cosmopolitan it is!

> Red sea – Refreshing vodka based drink with watermelon taste. Loved it, you should definitely try this.

> Pier 38 Non veg Mezze platter – Showstopper dish of the day !! This platter was…

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