Review – The Chatter House, Nehru Place

Chatter House - Veggie Pizza

First thing that you realise as soon as you enter the place is the English theme. 70 to 80% of the place is built of wood and bricks and rest is iron. Music is good, one of the few places left that strictly play Classic Rock which goes just fine with the ambience. They have a Retro night on Saturday and also have live bands on and off. The place also plans to introduce Karaoke nights on Thursdays. It is an ideal place to enjoy meal and have nice conversation. In fact the owners are so concerned about the talking bit that they named the place Chatter House !! (Should have banned the mobiles though)

And now I will talk about the thing that matters most – Food & Beverages

The place has a well stocked bar and offer some interesting and innovative cocktails along with the classic ones. The menu card, especially for the beverages section, gives a pictorial description of the drink which prepares the patrons for what’s in store. That comes in quite handy for those who like to try something new.

The place is a delight for non-vegetarians. One is spoilt for choices as the menu is lavish to say the least. I so wish I could say that for vegetarian affair but the choices are limited in that section.

Soul On Red Bed

Soul on Red Bed is Pan seared fish with Ratatouille Risotto, Saffron Veloute and topped with Herb Salad. It is very filling and one serving can satisfy most people. Has a strong flavour of Tomato but tasty overall.

Pollo E Pesto Pizza

Pollo E Pesto Pizza has chicken breast, sun-dried tomato and pesto sauce. Nothing wrong with this one.

Piggy & Ginnie

Piggy and Ginnie is pork belly and prawn angio oilo drizzled with sweet chilli sauce. The pork was a bit chewy, probably because of all the fat it contains, and the chilli sauce was going very well with it.

Mediterranean Style Prawns

Mediterranean Style Prawns – Delicious. That’s all

Gosht Biryani

Biryani is one of the dishes that has a lot of aromatic spices and one of them tends to overpower all others if not put in exactly right proportions. I must say here that the chef did a very good job at  making gosht biryani. All the flavours were competing with each other, gosht was well cooked and rice was good too.

Belly Kulcha

Belly Kulcha is another pork dish made with tomato gravy and served in a bread kulcha. No complaints on this one either.

Herb Marinated Vegetarian Pizza

Herb Marinated Vegetarian Pizza was the first vegetarian dish I ate. To my delight, there was no effort made to make it desi. It was as authentic as it gets. Pizza lovers need to grab this one.

Creamy Polenta with Mushroom Ragout


Creamy Polenta with Mushroom Ragout was not up to my taste. Mushrooms were tasty but the polenta was too salty and a bit undercooked for my taste.

Blue Cheese Naan with Dal Makhani Shots

Blue Cheese Naan with Dal Makhni is a signature dish of The Chatter House. The naan has a very strong flavor of blue cheese and is tasty. As for Dal Makhni, it was one of the best I have had. Can’t say anything more than that.

Toastadas and Dahi Kebab

Toastadas were good and Dahi Kebab had a slight garlic aftertaste. Not usual but very good indeed.

Gooey Chocolate Cake


Apple Crumble

Both the desserts were good but special mention for Apple Crumble. What struck me the most was that there were different and contrasting textures within one dish and they all combined together to give a great taste.

The restaurant is also participating in the DineFest event (August 12 till August 21). During this, the diners will get 3 course prix fixe menus at a fraction of a la carte rates. Details and reservations can be checked on

To sum it all up, the place is definitely worth a visit. For vegetarians, as I mentioned earlier, the choices are not much but Dal Makhni and Apple Crumble are worth it. As for the non-vegetarians, you can not go wrong with this one !!

So #letsgotochatter



Review Credit: Sumit

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Review: NH44, Rajouri Garden

What comes to mind when you hear National Highway 44 (NH44) – variety – from one corner of the country to the other – from Kashmir to Kanyakumari – variety in culture, food and people. The same variety has been adapted as a theme of the restaurant NH44 in Rajouri Garden, the upcoming food destination in the capital.

With variety in mind, the menu of NH44 has been designed to satisfy taste buds of every region – whether it is the goshtaba from north of the country or Chettinad Chicken from the south part. The menu itself is designed as a truck, enliving the soul of the stretch.

the menu

welcome shots

The place is grand, reflecting the life style of the people in the area. The dhaba theme of the restaurant in no way alters the grandness – be it the servers’ uniforms, the seating or the decor.

The grand menu showcasing recipes from Kashmir to KanyaKumari does full justice to every region and it’s cuisine. We started our journey with an aam panna shot, a welcome drink which was amazing. The first course of starters saw soya sheekh kebabs, paneer tikka, chicken tikka, chicken malai tikka and chicken seekh kebab come to our table – each dish was delectable and we had no complains. Kancheepuram idlis and Masala dosa with an assolutely lip smacking sambhar & assortment of chutneys made way then – the sambhar is marvelous and hadn’t it been for the spread promised further, I would have devoured more portions of it. Palak Patta chat is among the best available in the city, which retained it’s crunch even after a a good 10 minutes. Vada Pav is very close to the ones available in Mumbai but somehow the pav didn’t have the perfect moisture.

vada pav

masala dosa

palak patta chaat

kancheepuram idli

chicken malai tikka and seekh kebab

chicken tikka

paneer tikka

The main spread consisted of Lasooni Palak ke kofte – a must try here – with melt in the muth balls of spinach with a hint of garlic in a tomato gravy. Lal Maas has that authentic smell and taste that makes you gorge on it, and we did – perfectly cooked pieces of lamb in that spicy and flavorful gravy – bliss. Chicken Chettinad here can beat most in the city, I just missed some appams to go on with it. Dal Makhani is something they can’t afford to get wrong, and they didn’t, it was very flavorful.

lasooni palak ke kofte

chicken chettinad

laal maans

Desserts were surprising – beetroot ka halwa and gil-e-bahist were masterpieces by the chef. Skeptical about the beetroot at first, it was love at first bite! Gil-e-bahist is a sinful concoction of rabri, phirni and kalakand, curated by the chef. The desserts lacked in presentation, as compared to starters and main course, but that was fully compensated by the flavours.

beetroot halwa



Review Credit: Abhik Dasgupta

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Review-“Spotlight Bistro & Bar

It’s a small cozy and an extremely vibrant and happening place located in the main market of Rajouri Garden.It does stand out from the crowd and it’s architectural design steals the first glance on the “Spotlight” interior with the neon bulb hangings.

It was a bloggers meet over dinner which was organised to portray this newly established restaurant to the Delhi walla’s. It definitely has alot to offer, from great music to quality food which has a variety of cuisines from Italian, North Indian, Continental to Chinese.







IMG-20160730-WA0045  IMG-20160730-WA0033

IMG-20160730-WA0038  IMG-20160730-WA0145

These pics. are enough to reveal about the variations from snacks to drinks and you must be finding it tempting and resplendent. But, believe me this place has alot more than this to offer you and to go by my review, you gonna step inside “Spotlight Bistro & Bar”.

Since, we were really hungry and our mouth was watering, we could no longer hold forth our temptation and shooted forth our orders. Their palate consisted of Mexican & Jalapeno pizza, Chilly Chicken, Mini Corn Mushroom Quesadilla, Fish Tikka, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Paneer Tikka,Chicken krara Bite & Aloo Tikki.

I personally loved their fish tikka,mini corn mushroom quesadilla and mutton seekh kebab.It was all very soft and staggering by taste.Quantity was good enough and pocket friendly.

From the drinks section of the menu we ordered an Apple Ginger cooler mocktail, Virgin Mojito, Kala khatta cooler mocktail which was a frozen drink with a mix of kala khatta and fresh ginger and my favourite. A must try drink for all who visit this place for a good meal. Next up in the cocktails was Spotlight Screwdriver and Pann Mojito (this was another added bonus drink served at the table and it was outstanding,a drink one can enjoy and get only at Spotlight).

Not just this,but to add to your lively mood they even have seesha with a variety of flavours.

Suggestion: Pre booking is a must as it has a small capacity of around 45-50 and is usually crowded as it’s already on the go to truly be the Spotlight of Rajouri.

I give it a 4.5/5 star as I believe in leaving some room for improvement always.





Sandwich Factory-Restaurant Review

Recently visited this restaurant called sandwich factory for a review. Its located in Mayur Vihar, but for me it was totally worth the visit.

The place is small, yet vibrant and inviting. Its typically your neighbourhood fast food joint but with much better quality of food and some global dishes. The prices are also very reasonable.

In starters we had Chicken Nachos, which were a little dry and we suggested the owners to relook into the recipe and load it with more chicken and cheese, our suggestions were very positively taken into note.

The Masala Fries and Chilly Garlic Nuggets were good and you must try them.


The mains included their Signature Bruschetta and I can easily say that it was one of the best and is definitely a must try. The next was the Creamy Bruschetta which too was delectable, but I would still prefer the signature one. I can go back for it anytime. Next was the Jumbo Chicken Focaccia Burger, a burger which had expressions too and was great to taste. This was followed by Mexican Quesadillas which were amazing too. I loved the preparations of this place, barring the minor short fall in the nachos, each and every thing was delicious.

Another suggestion that I had for the place was to include some desserts in the menu which I am sure they would be working on and by the time you visit, you would get to taste some of their delectable desserts as well.

All in all, do visit this place and you will be pleasantly surprised

I rate it a generous and deserving 4/5.



Bloggers Meet @ Junkyard Cafe, Saket, New Delhi



I start this review with these pics to evidentialise the fact that the whole experience was more than just outstanding or even to quote extraordinary.

Located @ Ground Floor, Unit 12, Southern Park Mall, Saket, New Delhi,  this place is definitely amongs’t the top contenders of this arena as this particular proximity is filled with these joints and to also mention that this is the 3rd outlet of  this branch named Junkyard Cafe, which to my experience are really good at Gastronomical cooking and amazing productive stuff out of that cooking.

This was a bloggers lunch organised to portray the newly established outlet of this brand and it had a lot to offer to it’s patrons. From presentation to taste and from quality to quantity, even the staff and there services were remarkable and appreciable to all extent.

Going by the pics it is pretty much clear that it was multi cuisine lunch but on a exemplifying mode it was Italian, Lebanese, North Indian and few more. The dishes served were, Kebabs, Palak Papri Chaat, Pizza – Margarita and  Veg exotic also the non veg pizza which included chicken pizza. Then came the chicken tikka of various types, marinated with various condiments. Gradually it came to Masala Corns, chicken Kulcha, Mezze Platter, Spring rolls, Fresh juices were also part of the entire meal and finally the Tiramisu as the dessert which completed the entire palate.

The meal was unconditionally delicious and unquestionably very appetizing merely by seeing also. It was a delightful experience to visit this venue and taste the amazing food in here by socializing with other bloggers as well.



Review Credit:  SAGAR

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Last Import - 25 of 29

Bella Italia, Holiday Inn, New Delhi

Last Import - 1 of 29

Holiday Inn, Aerocity recently opened a wonderful new Italian restaurant called Bella Italia. Bella Italia is a branch of the UK based Bella Italia chain of restaurants and brings in the same liveliness and verve to Delhi, where frankly not too many good Italian restaurants are present.

Last Import - 5 of 29

Last Import - 8 of 29

As the photographs will show you it is a bright and happy place with two tiers and plenty of seating and a great open, casual feel. The upstairs also has a smoking section and arrangement for a buffet (which I believe is yet to begin).

Last Import - 6 of 29

Our meal began with a sharing board, Piatto di Carne, that had a number of cold cuts like Speck Ham and Mortadella along with some great accompaniments like olives, sun dried tomatoes and bocconcini and a big piece of ciabatta.  The meats are mostly imported from Italy and each has a different taste and texture and balances the entire plate perfectly.

Last Import - 14 of 29

The menu at Bella Italia is comprehensive and even vegetarians should have nothing to complain about here. In fact the next two starters we had were vegetarian, a classic bruschetta and a beautiful ciabatta with roasted peppers and feta on top.  Both wee superb but the roaster pepper ciabatta was my favourite and easily a signature dish for Bella Italia.

Last Import - 15 of 29

The next two starters were Polpette (chicken meatballs in a tomato sauce) and Gamberi (prawns in garlic and chilli butter) . The chicken meatballs were decent though a little dry from the inside but the prawns were a grand success.  Beautifully cooked in a rich, tangy, herby butter sauce was worthy of repeat servings.

Last Import - 17 of 29Last Import - 19 of 29

For all worrying why there is no mention of pizza till now, good news! Bella Italia does a wide variety of pizzas and they are all the way they are supposed to be, thin, crisp and delicious. My pick is the Pepperoni Picante, a delicious, meaty pizza with roasted onions, juicy pepperoni and fiery chillies.  A combination to really satiate your taste buds.

Another great tasting pizza is Pollo Pesto pizza that a different basil pesto base with roast chicken and mushrooms on top. To be honest you can pick any pizza and will not be disappointed.

Last Import - 24 of 29

Bella Italia also does a healthier whole-wheat base version of the regular pizza called Pizza Vita and it tastes just as great.

Last Import - 25 of 29

In the pasta section I tried the superb pollo pesto gnocchi here. Fresh home made pillowy gnocchi was drenched in a basil pesto sauce and had all the favourtie Italian flavors like roasted peppers, roasted chicken, Padano cheese and sun dried tomatoes.   If ever there was a dish I am willing to come back for it was this.  A good pasta looks deceptively simple when it comes together so beautifully but the balance on this was spot on.

Last Import - 23 of 29

There are a plethora of desserts at Bella Italia but my pick would be the Limoncello Meringue Pie and the classic Tiramisu.

Last Import - 3 of 29

The Limoncello really makes a difference here as it sings in your mouth and cuts through the very sweet pie otherwise.

Last Import - 27 of 29

The tiramisu is a ubiquitous dessert at every Italian restaurant but Bella Italia does it better than most and the secret for me is their much superior Zabaglione which is rich and flavourful.

Last Import - 26 of 29


Go to Bella Italia as it has great food, lively ambience and experience a new star in the Italian restaurant space in Delhi.


Dubai is just as SPECTACULAR as they tell you!

Being a travel and food blogger is the best thing that can happen to a person. You get to travel widely and enjoy the most delicious treats money can buy. My most recent trip to Dubai is what I can’t forget for years.

We see pictures online about the “extravagance” that is Dubai. The things to do, the places to see, the cars and the monumental structures. It is a dream. International flights from Delhi to Dubai are so inexpensive these days and if you plan in advance and pick certain flight routes then you don’t even have to stopover anywhere. Delhi to Dubai flights can be obtained at unimaginable prices these days, you just have to find the right websites.

I reached around Christmas and New Year and it sure was festive. There are a million things to do in Dubai and I started by visiting Sky Dive Dubai. To sky dive like Hrithik Roshan you will have to pay around 2000 AED and that’s exactly what I did. It was a mind-blowing, once in a lifetime experience. If you are in Dubai and you miss Sky Dive Dubai then you will have to fly back to give it another try.


Then came the beautiful Jebel Ali Resort where we celebrated Christmas. It was a very expensive affair, we did not see any “desi” people around, only “phirungs”.


There was pony writing, singing, meeting santa, cocktails and lovely celebrations – ideal for kids and adults alike. We danced all afternoon.

New Year was something like I hadn’t ever imagined or experienced.


It was at Burj al Arab. The only 7 star hotel in the world. You can’t even begin to imagine how grand that place is. JBH is where the winter wonderland was. We celebrated with a lot of popular singers from the UK as the Arabs made it snow in this desert.


I could never imagine in a million years that I will ever be able to watch the new year 2016 countdown on Burj al Arab, followed by fireworks that lasted almost 30 minutes. Being in Dubai is no less than a miracle. What these Arabs do always amazes us mere mortals. The grandeur, the scale and the magnanimity of the projects they take over is absolutely astonishing.


My whole team and I were watching in amazement as the fireworks ended after thirty minutes.

Don’t even get me started on the food. What do they not have? They have everything. They kinds of things I tasted that day I had only seen on TV. The most amazing sea food and the freshest produce made my new year even more special. The amount of champagne we had that day I can’t even recall but all I remember is that it was a fun night.

The best time to visit Dubai is certainly between October to February, anytime after that it is just too hot. However, there are so many indoor activities in Dubai, especially at the Dubai Mall that whenever you go, you will never be bored. Since my first visit I have been to Dubai three times already and everytime I visit, it is like going to a whole new place. There is so much development happening in Dubai that with every visit you will be surprised with something new.

My next visit, I’ll have to check out the Miracle Garden that I missed last time!


Stop My Starvation – like literally!

Stop My Starvation is a small breakfast joint in the Malviya Nagar Market. With a name as quirky as ’Stop My Starvation’ this place aims to satiate your small time immediate hunger. We all have those moments when we know dinner is ready at home but we need to grab a quick bite to satisfy the tummy, telling it to believe that more is coming just in a while. So, this is the place you would want to head to the next time you have your quick bite moments.



Their menu has crepes, waffles, sandwiches and shakes. This is one of the few places that serves crepes in Delhi and that too with both sweet and savoury fillings. Similarly, it was the first time that I had a waffle with vegetable/chicken toppings instead of the usual maple syrup and ice cream to go with it. Their waffles’ dough is simply melt in the mouth. They are preparing it with Malted Barley which is being imported from US and that makes their snack options even more delicious and healthy. And, on top of that, all of their sweet waffles by default come with a scoop of ice cream. Also, they have add on options for toppings in case you want to customize.

Some of the things that I ordered here were:

Magic Mushroom: It was a savoury waffle with mushroom, cream and cheese topping, sprinkled with herbs. Great to taste. As mentioned above, super soft dough of waffles and the gooey mushroom with cheese and cream was making it all the more tempting.


Archie’s Favourite: This was a savoury crepe with chicken keema filling. The chicken keema was cooked to perfection in delectable chipotle sauce. It was a light dish and the flavours were coming out really well.


Nutella Factory: Heavenly is the word for this dessert. Waffles laid with Nutella spread along with ice cream scoop and chocolate sauce- simply yummy! After having the above two dishes, I still can’t remember how fast I finished this one and still wanted some more. It was the hero dish for me.


After trying out a couple of dishes at Stop My Starvation, I  would recommend this as the pit stop while you’re shopping, coming back from a class or even on your way to home from office. It is a super pocket friendly destination. Nowhere would you find a Nutella waffle along with ice cream priced at 120/- bucks. They are also delivering till a radius of 3 km in their vicinity. What more can one ask for!


Review “The Nest”

Before mentioning anything about this place, I would really love to take the liberty and very much press on the very fact that this is most certainly a place that no foodie or a gourmand should miss as it is a fusion of impeccable ambiance with variance infused with flavors of the night on the palate.

It’s located at Qutub Gold Course @ Lado Sarai, New Delhi near Saket and the commute is pretty ergonomical even if the admirer is coming from Gurgaon. Primarily the factor to be kept into consideration was the venue is ample parking space and no reason to bother for safety, secondly the entrance might look subtle and sweetly simply but the reality steps into the scenario as and when we stepped inside the restaurant.

The place is divided or  rather I should prefer saying compartmentalized into 3 different sections, which are the outdoor sitting, water front section and the glass house section and its even more adorable to adjudge that lest it is already taken into 3 different seating accommodation, the venue also offers more space for the customers to actually grab their leisure on the 1st floor or even juxtapose to the Glass House section which inculcates a huge range of spacious accommodation for an ample amount of client-age in one go.

Every section has its own beautification with sublime touch of perfection, regardless of mentioning that the place has been refurbished almost thrice or four times in its past credentials this is the latest and most sophisticated avatar of this venue after renovation. The glass house comes with an outer view with greenery and nature while  having very comfortable seating couches, turning to the water front it is open sitting arena where the customer sits within/between the nature and enjoys the artificial and marvelously done sprinklers in-built table which are not only innovative but appealing to  almost every eye that catches the view of it and lastly the outdoor or the 1st floor sitting is resembling the ground floor but if one opts to sit outside in the lounge then one can enjoy the top view of the greenish texture and the artificial beauty of the place. Adjacent to the glass house is a small counter which is meant to serve Sheesha (Bong-tails) and that to most exotic flavors with most eccentric and interesting designs.

When mostly the entire place is depicting luxury from every corner the Live Bar on both floors and the DJ console corner on ground floor grooves in a little zing to the ambiance and sparkles up the invigorating effect to an all new level, lively as it sounds, rambunctious as it gets.

The waterfront also has the live Pasta and pizzeria section and the ground floor has the live sushi counter which completely flames up the venue inside out in most bedazzled manner possible. The 1st floor sitting got an extra flavor of sitting while reaching out to customers and giving them an extra space to grab and enjoy every second spent there.

A little sneak into this maverick establishment;

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest


After capturing some very lively glimpse of this venue it was time to duel the real deal, food tasting session began and it was ineffable in every manner as it was so beautifully done that I actually ran out of words whilst sitting there itself and relishing the delectable gourmet, while we ordered Chocolate shake, The Nest special mocktail, Zingy orange mocktail, Hunan Salt & Pepper broccoli, Bangkok Spring Rolls, Rigatoni with Parmesan cheese pasta & Aglio olio Pepperenchino Spaghetti pasta, Cherry tomato with mozzarella basil and Parmesan pizza and also asparagus artichoke goat cheese and Parmesan truffle pizza. Also the delicious Mediterranean sandwich, Veg assorted bakchoy, Noodles with black hot garlic sauce and veggies and finally the desserts came as an utmost surprise as we were treated with Red Velvet and chocolate truffle pastry. Here is a little glimpse of our food tasting session, it was unbelievable;

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest

#beer crawl and nest


Loved it.

Review Credit : Sagar


Restaurant Review-IC’s Hotel, Jamia

“Never Judge A Book By Its Cover” a very famous saying that sometimes really holds true in practical aspects of life. I recently went to this eatery called IC’s Hotel and no other phrase can describe this place better. It’s a small hotel situated in the hustling bustling street of Jamia Nagar and may be just because of the location and the surroundings you will end up giving it a skip, but I assure you, once you open the door and enter the property, you will be very pleasantly surprised. Its chic, classy and very appropriate to take the entire family out for relishing a authentic mughlai cuisine. There is no dirth of outlets/restaurants serving authentic Mughlai Cuisine in Jamia, but there are not many places where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the meals with entire family, most other restaurants don’t have appropriate sitting space and environment, but this place is definitely different.



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